We offer a wide range of consulting services for your convenience.

Bitcoin Consulting

At BTC Consulting, we help you understand what this asset entails and explore the potential business opportunities it can offer you.

Bitcoin is a novel, complex, and radically different phenomenon from anything previously known in the market, requiring a multifaceted approach. This demands significant time for study and training, a task to which our team has dedicated years.

Taking the leap into Bitcoin is easier when guided by experienced individuals. At BTC Consulting, we have top-tier partners and collaborators who will support you throughout the entire process with expertise and trust. We will advise you in decision-making, always analyzing the best strategy for you in a personalized manner.

Buying, Selling, and Custody

There are various ways to approach the buying, selling, and custody of Bitcoin, each with a different level of responsibility and privacy, as well as specific procedures.

It is important, therefore, to take the time to analyze all possible avenues before diving into purchasing.

At BTC Consulting, we advise you on your choices based on a personalized assessment of your profile and expectations, ensuring you find the option that best suits your needs. We provide you with all the information about the process’s characteristics, the associated risks, and ways to mitigate them, so you can have peace of mind in the future.

Moreover, we have the experience of top-tier partners and collaborators, notably Prosegur Crypto, known for its unique and patented solution that integrates maximum control with the highest security for you.

Mining Consulting

Bitcoin, within its system of incentives, includes the Nakamoto Consensus, a coordination algorithm where Proof of Work is used by the decentralized and public network of Bitcoin nodes to provide certainty and veracity in the digital world.

Proof of Work is the activity known as mining, where any participant can receive rewards in bitcoin for their work securing the blockchain, the ledger where all transactions are recorded. In the early years, the network’s difficulty allowed this work to be done with computers and in a domestic setting. Nowadays, specialized equipment called ASICs, which are not suitable for home use and have high electricity consumption, are required. This has led to the creation of dedicated facilities for this activity, known as mining farms.

Proof of Work mining represents a paradigm shift for energy, allowing its direct conversion into value at the point of production without the need for transportation. This enables the monetization of remote energy resources that are not being utilized and local surpluses produced at specific times in energy-intensive industries.

BTC Consulting, together with its partners, offers its knowledge and experience in:

 – Feasibility analysis of mining projects

 – Design of mining farms

 – Access to ASIC mining equipment

 – Project supervision

 – Equipment commissioning and certification

 – Custody design and strategy

 – Maintenance and repair

 – Operation and end-of-life management of equipment